Montag, 31. Mai 2010

Bike Project 90% finished

Dear DIY friends as well as bike fans,
its done and my bike project just needs the final touch. The new stickers are missing but will be ordered whenever I have Photoshop again. Let me know what you think and leave some comments. I had a bike from the 50s or 60s in my head or even older and think I almost hit it.

Bike ingredients:
Old Bike from Ebay - 17€
Brooks Saddle in Brown from Ebay - 35€
Bar Tape in Brown from Fizik, Ebay - 4,50€
Green Paint, Duplicolor - 7 €
Silver vintage pedal - 5 €
and some hours getting the old paint off and repainting it!

I already postet the bike logo once but I am still in contact with my brother to touch up the design and letttering!

I was inspired by some great bikes I found on the web as seen below.


Montag, 17. Mai 2010

Accessories for rainy may

This will def help you to walk through all the puddles with a smile on your face:

The  Blizzard Umbrella

Sonntag, 16. Mai 2010

Brooks saddles- a living tradition

Just ordered my first Brooks saddle on Ebay for about 35€.

You just have to ride with style and comfort. Watch this video on their story and tradition:

Donnerstag, 13. Mai 2010

A question of perspective

I have just seen this on spreeblick, a berlin based blog!
It's a might just walk by and pass it but wait..WHAT is this?

Montag, 10. Mai 2010

DIY Cap hang

Dear Do it Yourself friends,
this is my second post about DIY projects. This is even easier than the last one.

You just need 2 cheap things, power strip and wodden clothes pins and some hats or sunglasses or anything you want to hang up as seen in the picture below:

Next you need a free wall or just a shelf where you want to hang up your hats. I have choosen the side of a shelf in my room:

After finding a neat spot just hang a clothes pin up with your power strip ( you can also cut the power strip to the right size so that its almost invisible).

And voila, its done and you can hang up anything you want for a spent of around 5 € or $!

I have seen this easy idea over at abeautifulmess, elsie flannigans personal blog!

You can try this idea in many variations, one neat picture from the blog mentioned above will be on the bottom of this post!

Have a good time and enjoy life!

Dienstag, 4. Mai 2010

"Up There" Presented by Stella Artois

UP THERE from Jon on Vimeo.

I stumbled over this video on the blog of mattpecina who is blogging on layeredgoods !
It's a beautiful documentary on advertisements which are really painted and not just printed and hung up. Share this video with a friend and you'll smile for the rest of the day from the peace of this video!
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