Montag, 30. Mai 2011

Lego Walls

So cool:
Reminds me of my childhood, who has not played with those?!
Seen at swissmiss.

Freitag, 27. Mai 2011

Seen @ Frankfurter Allee

Trendzeta, TZ, Berlin, Sticker

Freitag, 20. Mai 2011

The Awesome Blog - Awesome Pictures

I want holidays, now!

Trendzeta, Awesome blog, Ocean water post

Trendzeta, Awesome blog, Ocean water post

Trendzeta, Awesome blog, Ocean water post

Trendzeta, Awesome blog, Ocean water post

All pictures seen at The Awesome Blog! Truly awesome!

Donnerstag, 19. Mai 2011

TZ's 2nd design job done!

Hey friends, for a while now I am in contact with Mathias from VintageVeloBerlin, who refurbishes wondeful vintage racing bikes!! I told him I could help him with a logo and with printing bags for his customers!
Well, today he picked up 50 wonderful designed bags and can now distribute them to his customers! All done by TZ, starting from design to print!!

Hope he likes it as much as I do ;)

Go and visit his blog and buy many bikes =) They are worth it:

Thats the design I made for him, classic and simple, just what he requested:

vintageveloberlin, fahrrad, bicycle  I know this picture is shitty, took it with my iphone, but this is one of the bags:
vintageveloberlin, fahrrad, rennrad

Mittwoch, 18. Mai 2011

Wooden iPhone Vintage Alarm Clock

Sickooo, who likes that as well? It costs round about 40$, which is quite affordable. BUT, the clue is, that they sell the wooden iPhone Clock Stand with the app “Flip Clock”, which you have to download to let your alarm clock display switch. After plugging your iPhone in it also recharges!

via artschoolvets

Montag, 16. Mai 2011

Ashburn Study Part 2 by MadburyClub

Everyone who is trapped in exams is seeking for a break from time to time! I have downloaded The Ashburn Study Part 1 a while ago for free from the Madbury Club. It was a good mix with chilled classic tunes! I just downloaded part 2! After listening it, it will help you to return to your studies. Enjoy with me. This mix is for all the students out there!!Mixed by Jolin Ras!

Return to the Study  Ashburn Study Part 2 by MadburyClub

Cool Random (sexy) Stuff

I know, not the best blog title, but still, I wanted to share this!

Can you make this yourself, at home?!:

This key carry might be a future DIY TZ project... I like it:
seen at Draught Dry Goods

Now, the sexy stuff :) Victoria Secret has released their summer collection, those pictures even appeal women senses:


Or how about this Hannah Davis Fall 2011 Campaign (guess, what goes better with a suit..):

via youhavebrokentheinternet

Sonntag, 15. Mai 2011

Dance Videos - Les Twins etc

Preliminary note: This is not a post with content everybody will like :) This is my taste.

I love those kind of videos. Les twins are hovering around in the blogosphere for a while now and I am just sharing it now. The second video is from Paris which I saw on a friends facebook page!

Enjoy on a sunny sunday :)

A little older, but still a classic:

Human Planet Video

Tell me, what is better after a long day than to rest on the couch with a good documentary :)

Discovery Channel has lots of great documentaries. A lot of times they focus on nature and our earth. This new docu is focusing on us, on humans loving, on how we live in every climate on every continent.

At 48 seconds is my favourite image of the video, how the guy jumps off the buit with his javelin to catch a fish! Incredible. I hope German Sky sends this show!

If not I'll buy it as soon as it is on Amazon - Appendum: The DVD IS already available at Amazon, you can find it at Amazon Germany (53€), but check Amazon UK here as well (27£), where its cheaper !!

Mauerpark Berlin

So yummie :) And always worth a visit. Didnt buy anything today except a bracelet for my girlfriend. Bute the food there is sooo good!

Check :

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