Donnerstag, 19. Mai 2011

TZ's 2nd design job done!

Hey friends, for a while now I am in contact with Mathias from VintageVeloBerlin, who refurbishes wondeful vintage racing bikes!! I told him I could help him with a logo and with printing bags for his customers!
Well, today he picked up 50 wonderful designed bags and can now distribute them to his customers! All done by TZ, starting from design to print!!

Hope he likes it as much as I do ;)

Go and visit his blog and buy many bikes =) They are worth it:

Thats the design I made for him, classic and simple, just what he requested:

vintageveloberlin, fahrrad, bicycle  I know this picture is shitty, took it with my iphone, but this is one of the bags:
vintageveloberlin, fahrrad, rennrad

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