Freitag, 29. Oktober 2010

TZ likes Wood business card case

Made in Japan by designer Masakage Tanno.
Avaiable at mjolk for 98 $.
Too expensive? Who can build one and sends the HOW TO to me :) ?

Great pure design with the most natural material, wood.

Mittwoch, 27. Oktober 2010

TZ Wallet Sneak Peak

Trendzeta, TZ wallet, Party Potte

Well, my friends Eric, Jan and I were annoyed of our too big wallets lately. Whenever we go out, we leave our 3cm thick wallet at home and just take some money, a bank card and a passport or ID with us.
Two weeks ago I lost 10€ , because the bank note was by itself in my trouser pocket, together with my phone. Accidentally, I must have pulled out my phone TOGETHER with the 10€ note and lost it. This made us thinking about a TZ wallet...

NOW, this wont happen anymore. We have worked on 2 versions of a simple, party-night-capable wallet which suits our needs.

The one below is actually version nr.2! It is a prototype. Color and inscription are not final yet. We also still work on better stitching with other thread colors.

The credit as well as the ID card fit perfectly under the middle leather piece together with plenty bank notes (enough for one night out).

Some more pictures, as well of version nr.1, are about to come. Any thoughts, criticism or comments?


Trendzeta, TZ wallet, Party PotteTrendzeta, TZ wallet, Party Potte

Dienstag, 26. Oktober 2010

A Strange ReArrangement - Esta Mixtape

Esta dropped this beat tape a little while ago, where he samples Mayer Hawthorne tracks.
I didnt really know this guy before but MC Winkel from whudat said it was good, so I gave it a shot!

Give it a shot as well and listen to a little sample HERE and download afterwards if you like it!

After listening to it a couple times I really wanna share it with you. Simple good music! So relaxing!


Montag, 25. Oktober 2010

Kanye - Runaway Video

It is out. It is 35 min long. It is incredible.

It is not a simple music video. It is a movie project. Selita Ebanks as the Phoenix and Kanye as Griffin!


I have PSD - The Photoshop Disease

Everyone working with Photoshop will get the point after having watched the video! Greatly done crue from ihavepsd.

I Have PSD from Hyperakt on Vimeo.

“Photoshop dexterity (PSD) is a skillset acquired by proficient users of Adobe Photoshop, the world’s most ubiquitous digital tool for creating visual ideas. Qualities of PSD include supernatural powers of imagination and an overwhelming desire to constantly make the world more beautiful. PSD affects people from different walks of life. In fact, there is a high probability that you have PSD.”

Samstag, 23. Oktober 2010

The shelter post

I just read a post from Markus Reuter at bettertastethansorry. It is about building and making stuff by yourself with your hands, a hammer and a saw.

Next to bbb desk project he mentioned in this post, I also liked the video about Lloyd Kahn. Read the article yourself here: bettertastethansorry- shelter post


TZ likes Product Design - Kleiderstiele

Johanna Dehio  is a Berlin based designer who made the “Kleiderstiele,” or clothing-sticks in English.

It is basically a coat rack. A broomstick-like to hold garments.

It is simple design takin to the next level. The clothing-sticks lean against the wall at an angle that makes them just stable.

This function makes them very flexible and adjustable to space and habits.

I'm sure I share the passion for this product with my brother. How about you? Would you put your jacket on this wardrobe-like clothing stick?

Kleiderstiele by Johanna Dehio, Wardrobe stick, coat rack

Kleiderstiele by Johanna Dehio, Wardrobe stick, coat rack

seen on swissmiss

Sonntag, 17. Oktober 2010

Tetris Bookshelf

You know my brothers skills from the DIY Drawer Cabinet.
Now, he has send me a new inspiration he got from the web:

The TETRIS Bookshelf!

Basically, each shelf segment is autonomous and you can postition it just as simple as in the game Tetris. You can basically change the shape of your shelf daily. How call is that?!?! I mean nobody would really change it daily, but occasionally if the need for change exists!

Where did you see this Steffen?

Anyway, below are some pictures!

Tetris-regal1, bookshelf, DIY

tetrisbookshelf TETRIS, Regall, DIY

Freitag, 15. Oktober 2010

Spell with Flickr

letter T letter R letter E letter n hangman tile red letter D
typewriter key letter Z letter E IMG_5737_6 KMcElman_100416_0069

Spell with Flickr is a wonderful piece from Erik Kastner. Try it out and make your own Flickr Collage words and share it on FB or here ;)

"Slide" Longboard Slowmotion Video

What I like: Good quality, sport, good videos and music, vimeo and longboards!
Hence, I like this one!

Longboarding: Slide from Benjamin Dowie on Vimeo.

via whudat

Mittwoch, 13. Oktober 2010

Espresso Respect - Intelligentsia Coffee

The videos below are about the art of coffee making at Intelligentsia!

DIY Skateboard Stairs

If YOU happen to have little space and and some skateboards laying around, make your own DIY skateboard stairs like Marc from Stuttgart who is blogging on gehirnakrobat. Awesome project.




via Stilsucht

Samstag, 9. Oktober 2010

DIY TZ Backgammon Sneak Peak

So far so good! A little while ago I wrote about my intention to make
a DIY backgammon! That's it so far! All the patches need to be sewn
down still! What do you think so far? Color combo ok?

Freitag, 8. Oktober 2010

TZ @ Tommy Hilfiger & GQ Store Event

Steve McQueenWhat happens if Tommy Hilfiger and GQ join for a collaboration?

Right, something unique, specially made for MAN: The Chambray-Shirt, an all-time-favorite.

The shirts cut and fitting was inspired by the icon Steve McQueen and produced exclusively in a limited edition for GQ.
Of course, the shirt has the special TH touch: Unique fitting, striking seams, two front pockets and shoulder epaulets.
The shirt is with 120€ pricy, therefore not for every student like me affordable but certainly an investment.

However, yesterday the Shirt was released in Berlin at an exclusive Store Event and I was there. I took some pictures to share. I was really impressed by the store and its decoration. There was the half of an old green truck right in the entrance area. From one side it looked like a normal car, and on the other was a rack with shirts and polos. They also offered some nice cold Miller beer, water, juices and Hennessy Cognac as a refreshment. Delicious. Some VIP's were around as well. Nice Event and will surely visit the store again.

Enjoy the pictures!

PS: There was no press around, just one photographer from TH or GQ. So see this post as a sneak peak ;)

Tommy Hilfiger Store Event with GQ in Berlin 2010, Chambray

Tommy Hilfiger Store Event with GQ in Berlin 2010, Chambray

Tommy Hilfiger Store Event with GQ in Berlin 2010, Chambray
Tommy Hilfiger Store Event with GQ in Berlin 2010, Chambray

Tommy Hilfiger Store Event with GQ in Berlin 2010, Chambray
Tommy Hilfiger Store Event with GQ in Berlin 2010, Chambray

Tommy Hilfiger Store Event with GQ in Berlin 2010, Chambray

For more pictures CLICKE HERE and continue after the jump...

Mittwoch, 6. Oktober 2010

TZ Product Feature - MS&Co.

Lovely denim articles. All of them have a vintage flair and are lovely made. Support the shop and get your own MS&Co. bag.

Some extra information:

They are using a heavyweight 13.5 oz raw selvedge denim. Each piece will age uniquely to each owner and remain it's shape.

And again, visit they website: MS&Co.
Yours truly, MarcoBerlin

iPad Denim Bag:

iPhone Denim Bag:


Field Notes Denim Bag:

Sunglasses Denim Bag:

Sonntag, 3. Oktober 2010

The Selby - Photos of homes

How do creatives live...?

The Selby deals with this question.Period. I chose some example pictures, since they have so many good pictures on the site. Check it out yourself!

The Selby, Interior, Lindsay Fitzhugh

The Selby, Interior, Lindsay Fitzhugh

The Selby, Interior, Lindsay Fitzhugh

The Selby, Interior, Lindsay Fitzhugh

Ruben Toledo:
The Selby, Interior, Ruben Toledo


Leather - The Fold

The Fold, Leffot property

“You got to know when to hold ‘em, know when to fold ‘em”.
...a wise gamler once said.
I dont happen to gamble that often, still my friend Eric and I think this is pretty cool (BTW he send me the link of this cool thing). We think of going to Kreuzberg this week to buy some leather and make our own folds.

I happen to have some 3mm marking stamps from the bay. So we could even personalize the folds and make them real TZ. Our version will be cheaper than 95 bucks tho.

What do you think of the fold? Again what gets me is the timeless simplicity.

The Fold, Leffot propertyThe Fold, Leffot property 

The Fold, Leffot propertyThe Fold, Leffot property

all the way to Berlin via my friend Eric and this website from NY: Leffot

Off topic

Can you imagine Oliver Pocher, Günther Jauch or Reinhold Beckmann with a star like Justin Timberlake performing a medley of rap songs in German TV?
No? Ok then we share the same opinion. It's just not gonna happen. Oliver Pocher made some songs with Bushido and others tho, but I just dont see him with an American music star.

Because we Germans are not going to see this happening, watch this Jimmy Fallon Show.

Justin, The Roots and Mr. Fallen on stage with a rap medley!!
Enjoy and be jealous of a real American late night show.

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