Sonntag, 17. Oktober 2010

Tetris Bookshelf

You know my brothers skills from the DIY Drawer Cabinet.
Now, he has send me a new inspiration he got from the web:

The TETRIS Bookshelf!

Basically, each shelf segment is autonomous and you can postition it just as simple as in the game Tetris. You can basically change the shape of your shelf daily. How call is that?!?! I mean nobody would really change it daily, but occasionally if the need for change exists!

Where did you see this Steffen?

Anyway, below are some pictures!

Tetris-regal1, bookshelf, DIY

tetrisbookshelf TETRIS, Regall, DIY


  1. Hey boy,

    this is one hell of a cool bookshelf! I wonder though, how you would manage to change it..seems all fixed to me...explanation, please :)


  2. hey sppozy,

    die beschreibung mal kurz auf deutsch, so gehts leichter und schneller ;) also überall wo sich 2 der tetris regal segmente treffen, siehst du eine doppelte außenwand, was heißen soll das jedes teil für dich wirklich selbstständig ist, und man sie wirklich arrangieren kann nach lust und laune.

    good explanation :) ?? my brother would actually build this, but room is rare in his flat. but if you are interested, I am sure he would build one for you ;) !!


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