Mittwoch, 27. Oktober 2010

TZ Wallet Sneak Peak

Trendzeta, TZ wallet, Party Potte

Well, my friends Eric, Jan and I were annoyed of our too big wallets lately. Whenever we go out, we leave our 3cm thick wallet at home and just take some money, a bank card and a passport or ID with us.
Two weeks ago I lost 10€ , because the bank note was by itself in my trouser pocket, together with my phone. Accidentally, I must have pulled out my phone TOGETHER with the 10€ note and lost it. This made us thinking about a TZ wallet...

NOW, this wont happen anymore. We have worked on 2 versions of a simple, party-night-capable wallet which suits our needs.

The one below is actually version nr.2! It is a prototype. Color and inscription are not final yet. We also still work on better stitching with other thread colors.

The credit as well as the ID card fit perfectly under the middle leather piece together with plenty bank notes (enough for one night out).

Some more pictures, as well of version nr.1, are about to come. Any thoughts, criticism or comments?


Trendzeta, TZ wallet, Party PotteTrendzeta, TZ wallet, Party Potte

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