Montag, 10. Mai 2010

DIY Cap hang

Dear Do it Yourself friends,
this is my second post about DIY projects. This is even easier than the last one.

You just need 2 cheap things, power strip and wodden clothes pins and some hats or sunglasses or anything you want to hang up as seen in the picture below:

Next you need a free wall or just a shelf where you want to hang up your hats. I have choosen the side of a shelf in my room:

After finding a neat spot just hang a clothes pin up with your power strip ( you can also cut the power strip to the right size so that its almost invisible).

And voila, its done and you can hang up anything you want for a spent of around 5 € or $!

I have seen this easy idea over at abeautifulmess, elsie flannigans personal blog!

You can try this idea in many variations, one neat picture from the blog mentioned above will be on the bottom of this post!

Have a good time and enjoy life!

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