Freitag, 2. Juli 2010

Consumers sue Apple because of new iPhone

I Love apple products. I really do.
I just bought my first Mac in May. I have an iPhone since February, but can use it since last week ( bought it with the newest firmware which was unlockable) and I have an iPod ever since.

But i dont like products with major bugs. A little while ago I had to analyse a tool used at work since the employees where not using the tool. I noticed my co-workers had discovered several bugs, which falsified the results coming out of the tool.

I somehow felt like this when a friend of mine told me about his problems with his iPhone 4. He is a lefty and the connection when calling, not just once, got disturbed when holding the phone. By now the whole internet community knows that the phone has some problems getting a signal when holding the phone with your bare hands.

But now it went a step further: Consumers sue Apple in the US state Maryland due to reception difficulties. But Apple has already issued an open letter to the iPhone users, revealing that the formula used to calculate bars of signal strength is inaccurate.

Summing up, a free software fix will come shortly.

If there is anyone out there, like an antenna engineer who can help fixing the problem, have a look on the apple website. They are currently looking for your skills :)

picture source: apple website screenshot

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