Sonntag, 4. Juli 2010

TZ loves wood shelves

I love wood shelves. They need to be simple and rustic for my taste.

The shelve above is from Holzwerk-A, a manufacturer based in Goettingen Germany.

But what do you do, if you cant afford a custom made piece of furniture?

Just ask your local fruit and vegetable shopman for old woodden cases, check out grandma's attic or browse your favourite online auction website.

Its simple as that. Use just one as a nightstand or several as a whole shelve for your favourite books and records.

A little story might show you how easy it is to be successful with such simple ideas:

In 2006, the designer Jasper Morrison was asked to design a night stand. After testing several ideas, he discovered that the old wine case/box, which was sitting next to his bed was defying all competition. Basically he reproduced the box with high quality wood and was selling it under the name "The Crate".

Rethinking what is given. Simple and smart and easy to reproduce at home with just a single old case/box.

source of pictures: Stilsucht, hyggelig , Jasper Morrison

have seen the wonderful idea of an old box nightstand in the great book "Mach neu aus alt" by H. Thompson with illustrations from N. Whittington

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