Montag, 7. Juni 2010

Trend: Recycle Drawers

Seen on Stilsucht!

Those two pieces are sold by the Hamburg based galery "Entwurf Direkt"

I like the idea a lot. If I get the chance to gather a few random drawers I'll try to set up my own concept of recycled furniture!

I also really like the concepts from the Berlin based "SchubLaden" as seen below. I especially like the combination of the white wood and the brown drawer! Far more ideas on their website!


  1. In my city we have very often old fashioned pieces of furniture standing arround near the streets (they are supposed to be thrown away). I could easily build one of those furnitures seen obove... if you like too. youst give me a brief note of the size and its done whithin a few weeks. the price is fair as well ;)

    your brother!

  2. dear brother ( he really is my brother actually :)
    just do me a favour anc move back to berlin soon ;) we need to group our creativity and just open our own shop with random good design classics and vintage stuff and tshirts and furniture and bikes and...
    as i told you, BUILD ONE FOR ME or i do it myself after my exams!


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