Freitag, 25. Juni 2010

Torstrasse 66 x Urban Gallery Store No 3

Today I went on a little ride with my Yamaha XJ6 bike heading towards Torstrasse in Berlin.

Earlier today I have heard and read about the URBAN GALLERY STORE No 3 in Torstrasse 66, Mitte.

This temporary gallery/shop is a project from the guys from UNDPLUS and is. I was more then late, arriving at 6.55 PM and it was supposed to close at 7 PM. Fortunatelly one let me in and have a look and enjoy the pieces of wonderful urban art!

As I said, its a temporary project and this saturday, June 26th, TOMORROW, is the last day.

They have great stuff from brands like: WOOD WOOD, WASTED GERMAN YOUTH, URBAN EARS and many more. Some of the artists are: PAUL SNOWDEN, ALEX FLACH, LUKAS FEIREISS and many more good artists.

So my recommendation for you is, go, be amazed and enjoy!

I was blown away!Great pieces, great store, simply urban Berlin.

PS: The READ MORE button is right under the iLike button from facebook, a little hard to see. Or just click the title and you will see the whole article with all pictures!

Here are my impressions:

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