Montag, 28. Juni 2010

Fanfest at Kudamm, Berlin : UNBELIEVABLE

WOW, 4:1 ! I was expecting a tense game with a 2:1 finish for Germany, but everything was different.

Yes, we just had 40 something percent ball possesion, so what? We simply made the goals and Englans didnt. Of course as we have all seen, Englans's second goal should have counted. It was a goal for sure.

Sorry for that, but in the end we left the field as the winners.

Some friends and I decided spontaneously to drive to the Kudamm, the heart of Berlin when it comes to Soccer Game Celebration. No car was able to pass through this part of town. The police closed down the area from Wittenbergplatz to the Kranzler Eck and even further.

The atmosphere was amazing.

I dont know how many people were celebrating the win.
I took some pictures with my Canon 1000D.

Maybe, for all the people who could not be there, I can let you be part of that atmosphere through the pictures.

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