Freitag, 12. November 2010

D’ESPRESSO Cafe Bar in New York

This is where I wanna sip my Latte or my Espresso regularly, like daily.
Probably one of the cooles coffee bars I have seen:

D'Espresso Cafe Bar in NY City!!

Responsible for this are the architects and designer from Nema Workshop.

The interiour design is just incredible. They just turned the world upside down. Applying a library concept in a perverse point of view to a bar, brilliant.

Close to the bar, which is located on Madison Avenue, is the Bryant Park Library where the architects got some inspiration from.
The wooden floor on the left wall and the bookshelves of the library on the floor in a sepia colored tone. Even the lamps come out the right wall. I just love it.

What about you?

All pictures belong to © David Joseph.
via studio5555


  1. wow! love love this place!!!
    i just bumped into your blog! love it!

    ciao ciao from rome

  2. Hey hello :)
    Sorry for the late reply on your comment. I was busy because of college. The place is awesome isnt it? I am glad you like the blog. Maybe I see you around more often.
    Cheers from Berlin


  3. wow... this looks awesome...
    lucky me, i will be in nyc for some days next month... maybe i will check it out... if i have the time...

  4. lucky YOU daniel :)
    if you happen to take some pictures, let me now and i could post them here. besides i would just love to see some more pictures of that place!
    NY is awesome.enjoy it!


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