Sonntag, 28. November 2010

Jay-Z's "Decoded" Promotion

Jay-Z's new book "Decoded" is out and available since this November.
Well, to reach all those people out there who have not heard of it, the agency droga5 has come up with some great marketing ways.
They basically printed passages or sentences from the book on the bottom of a pool, on a car or on a table-cloth in a restaurant.

In my opinion, this is a great way to adress the target group not just visually, but also emotionally. I hope some other authors or companys will pick this idea up and maybe even develop it further.





via ignant where I also got the pictures from


  1. Great idea, though i don´t see the relation between displaying the stuff on the street and Jay-Z´s displaying things on the streets a form of "decoding" something or was this action just about driving curiosity skyways?

  2. hey spoozy, well I think this kind of promotion is adressing the target group of his music and his art in a great way. I think it is adressing the "kids" of his target group as well as the more demanding audience with a more diverse background. It is just covering so many fields and adressing my senses in multiple ways. BUT that is just my opinion :) Great topic to talk about tho!

  3. Hey Marco,

    well, it´s catchy, yes, and it´s surely fueling awareness for the "product"...if only in a very reduced way. If he´s adressing ghetto street kids, than that´s just allright. Personally, i´d say he wants a broader target group to read his book, so displaying this form of advertising in a ran-down neighbourhood won´t adress the latter, arguably.

    Second thing: i see no real link between the product (the book) and the advertising...if it was about decoding, why not spraying hyrogliphic graffiti on walls in the suburban area with enthusing people to "decode" that?

    I mean, it´s all speculative in the end...don´t know the backgrounds, so i might totally be wrong.

    Anyway: great to discuss that :)

  4. Spoozy :),
    I also tried to say that he wants to adress a broader target group, when I said he is also trying to adress the "more demanding audience".
    Hmm I cant really go with you second point, since that is what people might think about first. A decoded message as a marketing tool for the book.

    But putting phrases on the ground of a pool? How cool is that and who EXPECTS that?

    BTW the pool is my fav :)
    Whats yours?


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