Dienstag, 14. Juni 2011

The Cosby Sweater Project

The Cosby Sweater Project is a unique web project for all those who want to be reminded of their childhood! Who hasnt seen that show! Heathcliff „Cliff“ Huxtable, Theo and Rudy are legendary. Isnt a little Theo in all of us?!
BTW, you might know Theo's German voice from Justus Jonas from the 3 Fragezeichen or from Ben Stiller. The German voice-over artist is Oliver Rohrbeck.

Season 1, Episode 22: “Slumber Party”
Season 1, Episode 20: “Back to the Track, Jack”
Season 1, Episode 17: “Theo and the Joint”
Season 1, Episode 13: “Rudy’s Sick”

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