Dienstag, 7. September 2010

Digital Life in 2014

How do you imagine your digital life will look like in 4 or more years?

The guys from TAT just released a little movie with their ideas of how life could look like.
A little unrealistic tho, is the 2010 keybord and magic mouse from apple. They made up those extendable cell phones but did not think of a keyboard. They may like them how they are already.

That is just a little weak point but apart from that, this video is GREAT!
My favorite is the cell for sure.

via and also seen on whudat


  1. Hey Boy,

    sometimes i´m worried where this digital evolution all leads too...but most of the time i´m just super-excited :)

    Anyway, wanted to thank you for your kind words on my blog. Really great to read your comments every day!!
    Normally, i am only answering in english cause the majority of my readers don´t speak german. I think it´s more polite to use a language they understand, than stick to German. Germans will understand it anyway :)
    The pocket square: hmmm...you got me. Most of my ps are from Paul Rosen and P&C, but this one could really be from HM. As i don´t care about brands, i simply assumed it might have been Anson´s or PCs private label brand...and yeah, post some outfit pics, really looking forward to that!
    By the way: the duffle is on ebay, where most of my stuff comes from. Totally addicted to elecotronical thrift shopping...

    Sorry for spamming, talk to you later!

  2. Amazing post! Love your blog!


  3. @spoozy: wanted to thank you for your long comment as well. You are so right when you say that one can be worried where our digital evolution is going but at the same tome one can be excited. I love books and notebooks or journals. I dont think I will be reading my books on an eReader soon, and probably all the companies would consider me as their perfect target audience. Still I love just taking a pen and scribbling my ideas in my journal. Also with an eReader I would miss my worn-out book in my messenger bag too much.

    @bigio: thanks for your comment and cheers all the way to italy!

    cheerio you two


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