Samstag, 4. September 2010

TZ featuring Florian Kallus

Another post about smart furniture.
Florian Kallus was born in Born and became a carpenter before starting to study.
His work unite his passion for design, function, shape and material.

Enjoy his work!

Florian Kallus Tisch DesignFlorian Kallus Tisch Design

Some more photos after the jump! Click HERE.

 Wood Handlebar:
Florian Kallus Tisch Design

XBein Desk:
Florian Kallus Tisch Design
via Stilsucht


  1. The last picture with the table design I like best, but the bike also looks interesting with the wood grips.

  2. Hey Heiketischtuch :) sry I am getting back to you so late. Thanks for your comment. BTW we have moved our site!


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