Dienstag, 28. September 2010

TZ Notiz Heft

As my girlfriend and close friends know, I always scribble my ideas and thoughts down. Since those journals or notebooks from the store are too boring for me and have no history I thought about making a "TZ Notiz Heft" which is German for journal. The layout and everything is still in the making but I wanted to post the status as it is so far.
I want to print a few more to give them to friends for their birthday or maybe anybody just needs a Notiz Heft like me from time to time.

There is just one problem: How do I print a small quantity, lets say 10, for little money?

I thought of 3 ways: 1.) DIY Screenprint, 2.) Transfer Print using transparent sheet for an overhead projector OR 3.) Linoleum Print ( which is hardly impossible because of the small words)

any more ideas?

These were my first sketches in my journal:

TZ Notiz HeftTZ Notiz Heft

And here is my first rough draft and my first try to print it using a transparent sheet and my normal printer at home:

IMG_6834TZ Notiz Heft

As you can see, the typing is not final at all. I wrote it by Hand and will make it professional when I am sure about layout and design.
I am still on the hunt for more vintage inspiration from the old GDR and FRG. I already purchased an old "Heft" from eBay which is dated 1958 and maybe I like the font or the layout or get some other inspiration.

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